Blend Wine Shop - Events Schedule
Regularly Scheduled Events at Blend

Artists' Blend - First Tuesday of every month: 4-6pm 

The Beaders - Fourth Thursday of every month: 5:30 -8pm

The Blend Hookers and Tinkers (the Knitters) - Every Wednesday 5:30pm

* Do you have a group that would like to meet regularly at Blend? Give us a call and we'll set it up. There is no charge for the use of our facilities.

Our Artist of the Month for September is a collection of KP Artists in support of the upcoming 2017 KP Farm Tour. The KP Farm Tour is Pierce County's longest running farm tour and this year will present exhibits at 13 locations, on Saturday, October 7.

Artist of the Month
Tony Furtado in concert at Blend on Saturday, October 14th. Showtime is 7pm. Tickets are $20 (cash only please), and seating is limited to 50 people.
"PORTRAITS FOR HOUSTON" - Friday Sept. 8th

Award winning portrait artist and middle school teacher, Chris Bronstad loves drawing portraits. He is offering to hand draw your portrait (head and upper shoulders) and donate "ALL" proceeds earned to a reputable charity (example the American Red Cross, or similar) to help with relief efforts in Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Chris will do the portrait drawing with the individual sitting for approximately 35-45 minutes, on quality archival paper (11"X14" or 14"X17") in one or a combination of the following media: pencil, charcoal or single colored art chalk. The minimum donation is $50 for the unframed portrait for this amount of time.The price would increase with a mutually agreed upon figure and a sitting time above what's stated. Chris's formal drawn portraits generally sell for between $400- $1000. All work guaranteed satisfaction by the sitter. 

"I have a brother and a neice and nephew and their families living in Houston and I am passionate about helping since I can't be there to help in person.

I have a goal of doing many portraits, raising money to help Houston. With your donation to this vital relief, and a bit of sit time, you get to walk away with a masterpiece, a drawing of you." - Chris Bronstad