Blend Wine Shop - Events Schedule
Regularly Scheduled Events at Blend

Artists' Blend - First Tuesday of every month: 4-6pm 

The Beaders - Fourth Thursday of every month: 5:30 -8pm

The Blend Hookers and Tinkers (the Knitters) - Every Wednesday 5:30pm

* Do you have a group that would like to meet regularly at Blend? Give us a call and we'll set it up. There is no charge for the use of our facilities.

Our Artist of the Month for April is Tweed Meyer. Tweed is pretty well known in our area, and along with some traditional "Tweed" works, she's showing some pieces done is a new style that we'd call 3 dimensional. It's really great stuff, and you should come by and see her fantastic work!

Artist of the Month
April 29th   7PM
Stephanie Schneiderman
in concert @ Blend