Blend Wine Shop - Events Schedule
Regularly Scheduled Events at Blend

Artists' Blend - First Tuesday of each month: 4-6pm

Key Peninsula Business Association (KPBA) - First Tuesday of each month: 6:30pm 

The Beaders - Fourth Thursday of each month: 5:30-8pm

The Blend Hookers and Tinkers (the Knitters) - Every Wednesday 5:30pm

* Do you have a group that would like to meet regularly at Blend? Give us a call and we'll set it up. There is no charge for the use of our facilities.

Our Artist of the Month for March is Ed Johnson. Ed is an incredible artist, focusing most of his talent on photography. He shares his time between the Pacific Northwest (KP/Puget Sound) and Alaska. His photography is truly something to behold!

Artist of the Month

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